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About Us

About Hypnotic Gypsy:

Hypnotic Gypsy was founded by mother/daughter duo Charlmane Clark, owner and Anissa Clark, CEO. With Hypnotic Gypsy our clientele can explore their inner universe, elevate their perspective and enhance their ability to see the real world around them.

Hypnotic Gypsy is defined by positive energetic shifts, spiritual connection, growth, spiritual awareness and peace.

Aside from unlocking your vivid dreams, our CBD Premium Hemp Flowers are known to improve sleeping disorders, pain and anxiety.

Hypnotic Gypsy was established to educate our community about CBD from a holistic stand point. Of course, before you indulge in and consume CBD, you should consult with your healthcare provider.

Release your vivid dreams and raise your vibration with our premium herbal smokes, infused therapeutics, intimacy oils, handmade herbal infused soaps and many more products.

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